How to edit our templates

Hello! Thanks so much for trusting Lucky Notes for your printables. We work with Templett and believe that the Templett user experience is easy and simple to use. Here are detailed instructions with tips and tricks to help with your editing experience.

FIRST OFF: Remember to “save” to avoid re-doing any edits

Basic edits:

SINGLE CLICK – single clicking on any element (including text) will enable you to move them around the template and open the toolbar.

DOUBLE CLICK – double click on a text box to enable editing and open the text toolbar. 

RESIZE & ROTATE – to resize, click on any element and drag the corner squares. To rotate any element, click and hold the rotation handle (the blue square on the top) and drag it in any direction to rotate.

ADD TEXT – to add a new text box, click on “TEXT” on the left menu and choose between inserting a new heading or text box.

ADD A BACKGROUND – you can add an image as a background to your templates by clicking on the “BACKGROUNDS” tab on the left menu. You can also choose a solid color as your background. To enable more color options click on “SHOW ADVANCE” to open the color map. You can enter any HEX value colors here. 

UPLOAD AN IMAGE – If you have an image or logo you’d like to insert into the file, click on the “IMAGES” button on the left toolbar menu. You can click to upload, or drag your image to upload.

The Toolbar (From left to right)

  • Font face – change the font
  • Font Glyph – a design of an individual letter (such as special characters in other languages)
  • Font Size – size of font
  • Font Color – color of font
  • Bold, italicize, Underline your texxt
  • Text Alignment (Left, Center, Right)
  • Duplicate – duplicate any selected element
  • Bring and element to the “FRONT” or/and “BACK” – bring any selected element to the front or back. This is great for layering elements to achieve different layered designs.
  • Shadow – add a drop shadow
  • Trash (red icon) – delete any element

MORE OPTIONS – in the dropdown menu (the arrow pointing down)

  • Text Cases – make text all UPPERCASE or all lowercase or Capitalize
  • Line Height – the height spacing of the paragraph
  • Char (character) Spacing – the spacing between each letter (or kerning, if you’re a type nerd :))
  • Lock Position – option to lock an element in space to prevent it from moving
  • Opacity – transparency of an element, great for backgrounds
  • Add/Remove Stroke – remove the stroke from any element

Some editing/design tips and tricks

  • COPY AND PASTE: for faster editing, use the copy and paste controls (ctrl+c (copy) and ctrl+v(paste)).
  • SHIFT KEY: Hold down the shift key while clicking on different elements to select more than one element. This is super helpful when you want to move multiple things together or if you need to duplicate more than one element.
  • CONTROL KEY: use the control key to when resizing elements to keep them at the right aspect ratio.
  • If you need to crop an image, there are many free online photo editing websites. My favorite is:
  • Always keep fonts to a minimum of three. Using too many fonts can make the design hard to follow and look off balance.

Adding Images

See the video below on how to insert and crop your image within our template.

Downloading/exporting your file

Templett has three different download options: PDF (for at home or at a local print shop), JPEG (can be used at a print shop as well, but I highly recommend a PDF to retain the higher quality. However, some shops might require a JPEG) or PNG (a high quality web version – I recommend this for sharing on social media or email). All PDF and JPEG files are 300 dpi and are standard for high quality printing.


To download a PDF of your template, click on “DOWNLOAD” then select “PDF”. If you are printing at home, it is best to have the options “TRIM MARKS” and “SAVE PAPER” selected have trim marks to cut along and to save paper. “BLEED” is optional but are great for if you want to ensure the backgrounds or images extend to the edge of your file. If you are printing at a print shop, a full “BLEED” is preferred and the trim marks and save paper option are not needed.


To download a JPEG file of your template, click on “DOWNLOAD” and then “JPEG”. Select “300 dpi (high)” to retain the high quality. Select “BLEED” if the file is going to be printed at a professional print shop.


To download a PNG file of your template, click on “DOWNLOAD” and then “PNG”. Select “300 dpi (high)” to retain the high quality. This option is great if you are looking to share your design to social media or email.


If you have any questions, email Thank you so much for your order! Please don’t forget to leave a review and snap a quick picture so we can see how they turned out 🙂

Very best,